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Brand Valuation News

  1. Revised Reporting under SFAS 141

    Accountants must take heed of the revised reporting requirements for business combinations under SFAS 141.

    May 2008 ● Financial

  2. International Convergence of FASB 141 and IFRS 3

    FASB 141 and IFRS 3, Business Combinations, are converging. This article highlights the key changes.

    April 2008 ● Financial

  3. How to Value Intangible Assets

    Valuing brands and other intangible assets isn't as subjective an exercise as some think. This article from Intangible Business explains the basic...

    April 2008 ● Financial

  4. Valuing Internet Companies

    The financial sector has a propensity for putting high multiples on often shakily estimated revenues on internet companies. This article explains...

    March 2008 ● Financial

  5. $490bn Lost In Accounting Black Hole

    Intangible Business reveals exclusive research revealing how the S&P 100 accounted for acquisitions under SFAS 141 for the first five years.

    October 2007 ● Financial

  6. Intel Fights Back

    Intel launched its lauded ingredient branding campaign in 1991. How is the brand faring today, 15 years after its inception? Read this article to find...

    May 2007 ● Financial

  7. FASB Interpretation No.46 (R)

    FIN 46 (R) is a complicated standard and can be daunting for companies that have not had to deal with it before. This article explains some of the...

    January 2007 ● Financial

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